Corporate aircraft bedding elevates long flights to the next level of comfort and luxury.

If you own, manage, or travel by private or corporate jets, In-Flight Bedding by Simone is your answer to cross-country or intercontinental flights. Corporate jet bedding allows passengers to climb aboard, settle into a cozy aircraft bed, and arrive at the destination fresh and rested.

Club Seat Bed In-Flight Bedding by Simone includes everything you need for comfortable in-flight rest in one compact corporate jet bedding package: mattress, pillow, sheets, and blanket. All aircraft bedding components fit neatly inside in a sturdy canvas bag for convenient storage and transport. In-Flight Bedding by Simone is the ultimate combination of luxury and convenience. Put it on your pre-flight checklist. Make sure In-Flight Bedding by Simone is on board for every flight.

Product Highlights


In-Flight Bedding by Simone packs a whole lot of luxury in a compact, convenient bag. Jet bedding for your corporate & private aircraft needs.


Standard jet bedding packages include all the items necessary for cozy, comfortable in-flight rest. I offer three complete packages.


For comfort and durability, I use only the highest quality materials in my aircraft bedding to make them the perfect match for your corporate jet.

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