"Our passengers are happy with their new Inflight Bedding by Simone!!
We have been working to solve the bed comfort issue for so long, it feels fantastic to finally have found bedding that works. The size and weight are actually more manageable than expected for the king bed on the aft double divan, and the grey bags look great. The black on black stitching on the bag for our passenger's 30 inch wide travel sleep kit looks great--it is readable, but subtle. Simone, I really am grateful for all you did to create this custom bed set for us, and I will recommend your product to others."
-Erika MacKay Cabin Service Representative
Jet Aviation Flight Services
Austin, Texas Operations

"I have had been using the bedding by In-Flight Bedding for over eight years. My owner is very pleased with the comfort of the product and I am pleased with the ease of setting it up and the personalized fabric bags for storage. I have worked on previous airplanes and in my opinion this is the best product in the industry."
-Deanna Born, Challenger 601

"Our Citation Sovereign came with air mattresses that are way too bulky and heavy so we stopped using them as there was really no place to store them on the airplane. I started looking for better options and found In-Flight Bedding by Simone. I called Simone and she shipped me a sample mattress for me to see how it fitted and it was a great fit, so i ordered two mattresses. The mattresses are light weight, compact when stored in the custom made bag, easy to set up and put away, and most importantly very comfortable. Our owners are extremely happy!"
-Joe Thorleifsson - General Manager
Delta Fox Aviation
Manassas, VA

"We purchased two aircraft bedding packs for our Hawker 800XP from In-Flight Bedding by Simone. Outstanding materials and workmanship. Easy to unpack, setup and repack. Passengers (both the aircraft owner and charter passengers) loved these bedding sets. Highly recommend In-flight Bedding by Simone and their aircraft bedding packs."
-Jerry S., Hawer 800XP Captain

"We have had In-Flight Bedding by Simone bedding in our Falcons for over two years. The sturdy canvas bags have held up to the constant travel perfectly. The berthing mattress are still as comfortable as the day we received them. I would highly recommend to any flight department needing quality, customized bedding"
-Cheryl Gazdik, TWC Aviation

"The only creature comfort missing on our Falcon 900 was proper and comfortable bedding. Since we began using your package, our owners and passengers have been delighted! We regularly receive positive comments and even use your product on short legs because it is so popular. We don't leave the ground without it. Now if only it were available for the home..."
-Stuart Winkelman, Falcon 900 Captain

"I was so pleased to get these bedding packages on short notice. The mattresses fit perfectly on the Gulfstream, and the owner and his guests were very impressed with the level of comfort they provided on the long flight. The concept is well designed and easy to store, both on the airplane and in the hangar. The crew that adds bedding to the checklist can be sure that their passengers will be comfortable in flight and rested upon arrival."
-Patty Scheel, Contract Flight Attendant
St Louis, Missouri

"As a contract corporate flight attendant, I work with a lot of different aircraft. I had the pleasure of using In-Flight Bedding by Simone on a long international trip. My passengers were very comfortable and rested after a very long leg. This product was easy to handle and store after use. It kept all of the bedding and linens in a proper container. What a great concept! More flight departments should look into having this on their planes. Thanks, Simone, for making my life a lot easier on long trips."
-Marguerite Surrette, Contract Flight Attendant
Orange County, California

"In-Flight Bedding by Simone has changed the way the CEO looks at sleeping arrangements on the aircraft. The entire package is custom made, easy to store, and well liked. Everybody is warm and comfy, which makes it easier to sleep In-Flight!
-Alison Botsford, Corporate Flight Attendant
Ringwood, New Jersey

"I am so pleased with the purchase of your mattresses. I have had the pleasure of using these packaged units on many of my flights. Passengers have mentioned that they had the best rest ever! Knowing this, I am always assured of having great customer satisfaction."
-Linda Forier, Corporate Cabin Attendant

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the bedding package you provided for our airplane! I especially like the ease with which we can store and carry the bedding. The response from our passengers has been overwhelmingly favorable."
-Bob Garcia, Gulfstream IV Captain

"Thank you for the quick turn on these mattresses. I couldn't believe that with a phone call I could have these so fast. They were a perfect fit and the bags they come in are ideal for storing in the back of the aircraft. The owner of the aircraft even gave up the club table berth because your mattresses are far more comfortable that the mattress that came with the aircraft, and he PREFERS the single berth with your product! Thanks again for the quick turn and a wonderful product!"
-Teri Richardson, The Air Group
Van Nuys, California

"Your bedding is great. It's easy to make a bed and easy to store. Everything is lightweight, and the customers love the comfort. It also works great on the divan to make it more comfortable."
-Karin Hansen, Corporate Flight Attendant

"Simone, I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful in-flight bedding. Not only does it look wonderful and comfortable, but it is also very easy to set up... plus you can stow it away quickly! My clients are thrilled with the comfort. Now, they arrive at their destination well rested, which makes me very happy!"
-Mary Gerdes, Corporate Flight Attendant
Cleveland, Ohio

"We use In Flight Bedding by Simone in our Gulfstream and Citation X aircraft and find the product to be very economical, lightweight, easy to store, and well received by our clients and flight crews. I would strongly recommend In Flight Bedding by Simone to any aircraft owner or flight department."
-Bob Oliver, General Manager, TWC Aviation